Nexus Greenhouse Systems

Before creating a trade campaign, we usually begin by looking at the competition, the trade pubs and then coming up with a creative idea that looks and feels totally fresh. With Nexus Greenhouse, we discovered that most greenhouse manufacturers seemed to take their polaroid camera, go out and shoot a few pictures, throw in a couple of bullets and a logo and call it a day. That’s how “Little Known Facts” got its start. We knew it wouldn’t be hard to stand out, but what we didn’t know was just how much fun we’d have doing it. We had long been a fan of the illustrator and when he agreed to let us use (yeah, we paid him) some of his paintings for the campaign, the “Fairy Tales” series was born. The concept also gave us a chance to have a little fun with another technique we had been wanting to try – calligraphy.
Client : Nexus Greenhouse Systems
Categories : Advertising, Branding, Marketing, Print