CAL Risk Management

With Collinsworth, Alter, Lambert, LLC (CAL), we had a dual assignment. First off, they wanted to expand their core risk management business to the construction industry. Secondly, they wanted to introduce a new consumer line of insurance. We started by meeting with the sales team to learn what they felt were their clients’ biggest gripes and what made them choose CAL over the competition. What we learned lead us to the “Raising Your Expectations” campaign. They told us that that customers tended to view insurance as a commodity and had little or no expectations when it came to dealing with their agents. So we applied this thought to both challenges. By playing with typical warning signs found at work sites, we created a visually compelling campaign that drove home CAL’s unique risk management differences. For the consumer campaign, we created the “Character vs. Characters” campaign, which challenged consumers to pick true character over made-up characters. No offense Flo.
Client : CAL Risk Management
Categories : Advertising, Branding, Marketing, Print, Out-Of-Home, Web Design