Campaign: Great Supporting Roles

Sometimes you and your creative partner (in this case, my friend, Alan Williamson), come up with an idea that even though the two of you think is “brilliant”, the logistics make it almost impossible to produce. This was one of those times and may just be the source for the phrase “Champagne dreams on a beer budget”.

As with all campaigns, our goal is to stand out and look different than anything or anyone in the publication. This idea was no different. The campaign, from the early 90’s, was pitched to our client, a supplier to fleet operators of new generation aircraft. It was based on the idea that they play a great supporting role to the fleet aviation industry. At the time, Tim Burton was working on his new Batman film (so even if we could have gotten the rights to the cape Crusader’s sidekick…) and even thought the re-boot of the “Lone Ranger” hadn’t crossed Johnny Depp’s mind, the rights to Tonto (the most affordable) were still out of the question. As with all campaigns, we had multiple concepts so we pressed on in another direction and added this campaign to the pile of “Wish we could’ve…”. Either way, it is still one of our all-time favorites.

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