On a chilly (for a south Floridian) morning in late August, as we woke up to the beauty of the fog covered Blue Ridge Mountains, it hit us. At 3,486 feet above sea level, everything is just a little above the ordinary. On this particular morning, we lucked into one of the most stunning views we’d ever seen, and with the click of the camera, a thousand words (or at least 6) were put into a picture. You see, to us, The Lodges at Millstone is elevated “3,486 feet above the ordinary”. It offers the perfect place to create and get inspired. Here, we not only got some of the most stunning images we’ve ever had to work with (thanks, Tom), we also created some of our all-time-favorite pieces – not to mention the most award-winning.
Client : AIG Baker
Categories : Advertising, Branding, Marketing, Print, Collateral, Out-of-home, Web Design