From a very young age, we’ve had a passion for flight. The old stories about kids laying on their backs at the end of a runway staring up into the sky as countless planes fly overhead, well…that story is about us. We believe this love of flight comes through in our work for Falcon Aerospace. You see, most aviation metal supply companies just talk about and show the slabs of steel, aluminum and alloy metals that they market. Not Falcon. We chose to take a different approach, one that speaks to the heart of the company’s core belief that it’s “Not just what we do, but it’s how we do it”. It’s not just about the metal or the plane, it’s about the people who fly them, ride in them or – like us – just watch these beauties of modern engineering take off, fly at the edge of space, and land safely, day after day. Oh yeah, doing the photo illustrations for their website kinda left us flying high, as well.
Client : Falcon Aerospace
Categories : Advertising, Branding, Marketing. Print, Web Design